YY- Sonko does not have to prove to haters he is wealthy

Sonko recently showed off 30 million on his social media.

• YY says Sonko has always had money.

• Sonko is among the celebs who have taken to social media to flaunt cash.

He says Sonko does not need to prove he is wealthy.
Churchill Comedian YY. He says Sonko does not need to prove he is wealthy.

Kenyan comedian YY has defended Mike Sonko's source of wealth.

He was giving his opinion on the high rise of celebs living a fake lifestyle.

The former governor recently went on a rant and showed off cash via his socials to the excitement of many.

Speaking during an interview with SPM Buzz, he shared

"Sonko does not need to prove he has money.

We have seen him help people. We have seen him send cash to people via mobile banking.

He has paid for people's burials, and school fees among other things.

If he gives it is because he has money. He has been an MP, Senator, and Governor so we have not been brainwashed to believe he has money.

Some Kenyans are just haters hence they need to be shut.

He does need to be a governor to be making money."

YY also shared advice on how to get rich and remain there

"If you go to a club and see someone pouring down alcohol, maybe he is a thief or he has just gotten a deal for the first time.

One secret to getting rich is good decision-making. Poor decision-making does not bring wealth."

Sonko recently showed off 30 million after a 'friend' alleged the former governor had stolen from him.

The man in the viral audio also accused the politician of neglecting his kids. 

In the video, the politician can be seen opening huge suitcases full of wads of cash in foreign denominations as he called out a certain person for doubting his wealth.

"Ati sina pesa kwa sababu si saidi watoto," he started. "Nani ali kwambia sina pesa!?" an upset Sonko asked the unnamed person who had gotten his goat.

"Sina pesa ya kuharibu na watoto. Hii pesa ni ya kuharibu na mabibi wangu!" he went on. Not only that the proud provocateur went on to insist that the money he was showing off was just 'pocket money for car fuel'. (Talk about a humble brag!)

"Hii ni millioni mbili  (pointing at the pocket money) Hapa yote ni millioni thelathini (Sh 30 million)."

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