Eric Omondi does goes 'full Sonko' as he slams Obinna (video)

The comedian has told off the former radio host for questioning where he got money to distribute unga

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Eric has shown off his wealth like Sonko.

eric omondi protests cost fo unga
eric omondi protests cost fo unga

Eric Omondi is unhappy with criticism from Oga Obinna about his source of wealth. In a rant online, Eric blasted Obinna for suggesting he is using ill-gotten wealth to do PR exercises like distributing unga.

"Obinna I told you I am older than you. I'm richer than you, I have more money than you I can help you. Naweza fungua radio station na nikuandike kama kitabu," he begins his rant.

Eric flaunts suitcases filled with Kenyan currency notes. "Hii ni sanduku ya kwanza you know how much this is. That is 13 million. I have worked my a** off for 16 years I made my first three million in 2008, na bado uko primary unakojoa unakunia kwa diaper."

Eric points at four more suitcases with tons of notes.

"Dont ever address me idiot, unaongelesha nani kwanza kabisa unaongelesha nani? Don't you ever address me This is money hii ndio pesa sasa," Erico picks the money from the briefcases and throws it on the floor.

"This is money bwana, 16 years worth of work I'm not a conman. The comedian tells that there is more money.

Hiyo ni sitting room tu wacha nikuonyeshe bedroom eh idiot, don't ever talk or mention my name  Nalala kwa pesa," as she shows off a bed draped with money.

"One duvet, ona duvet don't ever talk to me, and don't ever address me," he went further to show money stored in the dustbin in the bathroom.

He empties the dustbin, throwing the cash on the bathroom floor. He instructs a woman he is with to, "kuja uende tupa hii takataka".

"I give people unga out of my own hard-earned cash. My sweat. I have worked for 16 years. Nikipeana unga ni pesa yangu, there's no one behind me, hakuna, there's no politician mimi sio wa Azimio, mimi sio wa UDA mimi ni Eric Otieno Omondi," he finished.

Watch the video;


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