Flaqo and Keranta dispel split rumours with latest move

The couple are proving they are still going strong

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Days ago, they were alleged to have unfollowed each other on IG.

• Keranta shared a cryptic message that suggested they were done.

flaqo and keranta break up
flaqo and keranta break up

Comedian Flaqo and his girlfriend Keranta appear to be dispelling split rumors. Flaqo last night shared the cute surprise he had in store for Keranta.

He gushed about her but she told him she didn't like surprises making him worry whether he had planned it the way she would want it. "Babe this place looks so beautiful," he told her.

"By the way, I love the message," he adds about the surprise as he inspects it again concluding it is perfect. "It's better than I imagined though," he continued.

Keranta told him she was super anxious now that he was telling her all these beautiful things. The surprise was a late-night picnic, planned with the help of friends who ensured it was pulled off successfully.

In their latest Youtube video, the couple shows that they are still very much together, days after it was alleged they had split, plus a cryptic message she had written.

"I've come to surprise my girlfriend, and she has no idea, she doesn't know what is going on, aki these shenanigans are so hard," he told.

Keranta almost ruined the surprise by arriving early. He then showed snippets of the romantic dinner, saying how anxious he had been for everything to go right.

The spot was decorated in red and white as drinks and food was laid out, fit for a King and Queen.

The message on the board at the entry for the picnic with roses read, "I love you forever and always "

Keranta cried aloud happily telling Flaqo she loved him. He returned the love with a cozy hug saying, "Come here I love you. What do you think about the setup? I know you like nice things."

"I have never been done for this ever in my life," Keranta weeped.

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