Dorcas Gachagua will not allow houshelps to do this one thing for Riggy G

Dorcas is a pastor but she also has banking experience

• Dorcas revealed that she had always wanted to be a lawyer.

• The dynamic woman became a pastor and has two children with Riggy G.

The deputy president's wife has revealed how the late president stopped her from taking her own life
Rigathi Gachagua with Dorcas Gachagua. The deputy president's wife has revealed how the late president stopped her from taking her own life
Image: The-Star

Dorcas Gachagua, wife to the Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has revealed the one special thing she does for him despite being married for 35 years.

Speaking during an interview with the Standard, Dorcas says despite being busy, it is important to create time and do some things for your husband/partner.

"For the last 35 years I have been married I am the one who irons for my husband. The public does not care whether I am a pastor they want to see me taking care of my man."

Dorcas enjoys cooking for her family which comprises their 2 sons; Keith and Kevin. Life has however not always been smooth.

She lost her dad at a tender age and this pushed her to do jobs to survive.

'I sometimes do not want to talk about it, I never thought we would make it. My mum was left with 8 kids and she suffered a lot. We had to do odd jobs to help support my mum.

My dad's family did not want us to stay there so she went to her mum and even there we were not welcome. My mum's siblings assumed that we were there for the inheritance."

and sons Keith and Kevin
Rigathi Gachagua with his wife and sons Keith and Kevin
Image: Twitter

During  the interview, Dorcas also revealed that she had battled suicidal thoughts. She had wanted to approach the late Daniel Arap Moi during a Presidential function so that she would end up being shot by his security personnel.

"He (Gachagua) was a student leader at Nairobi University, He would sometimes go to see the late Moi. One of my girlfriends told me to go and just interact with the people, When I saw him (Gachagua) I thought he was interesting."

Dorcas said she was pushed to go to the event by a friend to distract her from her suicidal thoughts.

"My friends had told me to come for the trip because I felt life was not worth living, that was going to be my last trip. I wanted to run towards where the President was sitting, I wanted to make it look like I wanted to do something to him so that I end up getting shot."

Unknown to her God had other plans.

"I ran towards the President and he asked me what was wrong. He came toward me and I told him what my intentions were.

When he spoke to me, I had a bright destiny. He told me about his story and by the time we finished talking I was able to see life in a different way."

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