'I am overwhelmed...' Ruto gives his first speech after court upheld his win

Ruto's win was today upheld by a 7 Judge bench in a sitting held at Supreme court.

• Ruto thanked his wife Racheal for always praying for him.

• He also thanked his kids for believing in him.

He said he is overwhelmed by the reality that he is now a President.
President-Elect William Ruto. He said he is overwhelmed by the reality that he is now a President.
Image: Twitter

President-elect Wiliam Ruto has made his first public address after the Supreme Court upheld his win.

Ruto had on August 15th been declared as the winner of the August, general election.Not satisfied with the results, Azimio leader Raila Odinga went to court.

Speaking during a press statement in Karen, Ruto thanked God for the win saying he is overwhelmed.

"I am overwhelmed. This is a moment like no other.Let me first take this opportunity to thank the almighty God. Without God, I wouldn't be here.

I have gone through many difficult situations but because of God, we are here to celebrate.Our Judiciary has confirmed the people's choice."

Ruto thanked his wife and kids for being by his side all this time.

"We are truly grateful to God because we have come on a long journey.As the bible teaches us in Proverbs 20: 7 ,Some trust in chariots, some trust in horses while we trust in God.The favor of God is what has gotten us here.We will not let you down."


"Let me thank my friend starting with my wife Racheal who prays for me every day.Before I leave the door she must pray for me.

Thank you to my kids for believing in me and for encouraging me.Many of you have suffered because of being my friends. The only crime is because you chose me as a friend. I do not take it for granted."

Ruto thanked mama mbogas, Boda Boda guys, and Kenyan hustlers for believing in him and his team.

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