• Ruto garnered 7,176,141 votes representing 50.49 percent of the final vote, while Raila garnered 6,942,930 votes which is 48.85 percent.

• The results were announced by IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati at the Bomas of Kenya national tallying centre on 15th August 2022.


who are set to deliver their final verdict on Presidential petition
Supreme Court Judges who are set to deliver their final verdict on Presidential petition
Image: The- Star

The Supreme Court has finally delivered it's verdict on the Presidential petition, confirming William Ruto as President-elect.

Ruto received 50% plus one of the total votes cast, according to Chief Justice Martha Koome, who read the verdict on Monday.

"It is not mathematical sound and that the rounding off of IEBC was correct. The petitioners did not offer a water tight case," Koome said.

When determining whether a presidential candidate received 50% plus one of the votes cast in accordance with Article 138(4) of the constitution, Koome ruled rejected ballots cannot be taken into account.

Speaking while making the delivery Chief Justice Martha Koome shared;

"6 days after general elections, Chebukati announced the following results

Raila - 6,942,930 votes ( 48.85%)

William Ruto-7,176,141 (50.49 %)

Waihiga. 31987--0.23 

Wajackoya 61969- 0.44

Based on the results Chebukati declared Ruto as the President Elect.

This led to 9 petitions being filed before us."

Adding that;

"2 Presidential petitions were struck out for failure to meet constitutional threshold. All the 7 petition sought similar issues. We asked they be consolidated as one."

Martha Koome says the biggest challenge IEBC faced is lack of trust by the people.

In addition she said; "No credible evidence to prove that someone interfered with form 34A's. It was explained and demonstrated how  the kits captured the image of form 34A.

"Original form 34A's intercepted were the same as those on the public portal and those presented to the court."

Koome says there was no enough  evidence to overturn Ruto's won.

"There were no differences between online and physical form 34A. No evidence was provided to prove the same. We find that the Chairperson cannot exclude other commissioners from verifying the Presidential results," Koome explained. 

Raila Odinga rejected the results after IEBC Chairman announced William Ruto as the President -Elect on 15th August 2022.

 IEBC Vice Chair Person, Juliana Whonge Cherera ,through a presser distanced herself from the Presidential results.

She and  three other commissioners said the commission was not  responsible for the Presidential results announced.

She was speaking during a presser at Serena Hotel.

"We cannot take ownership of the results that are going to be announced. Because of the opec nature of the last phase of the general election.

But there will be room for people to go to court. We urge Kenyans to be peaceful because the rule of the law will prevail."

Further adding;

"We have faced the challenge that have been there step by step. we ensured things were running despite everything else.

We are not at Bomas of Kenya because we cannot take ownership of the results."

Kenyans went to vote on 9th August 2022.

Raila commended Cherera and the other commissioners for being brave enough to stand against 'impunity.

The full judgement will be made after 21 days.

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