Nana Gecaga: Contracting Covid-19 was scary

Nana Gecaga: I tested positive for Covid-19

• Nana Gecaga isolated at home after she tested positive for Covid-19.

• Nana has since tested negative.

Nana Gecaga
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Uhuru Kenyatta's niece who doubles as the KICC C.E.O Nana Gecaga has revealed she recently tested for Covid-19.

During a Q and A segment, a fan asked Nana what had happened to her in the past 2 weeks. Nana revealed her worst fears were confirmed after she tested positive.

"I tested positive for Covid-19 on 17th July 2022. I was at the home for the whole 2 weeks. No hospitalization but mild symptoms first few days and finally got negative results on 26th July 2022."

Nana says she was caught off guard and that scared her, she was afraid of the unknown.

"It was very hard because at the start of the pandemic I have been very afraid to contract Covid because of the fear of the unknown.

At first, I did not leave the house unless it was work-related and I didn't meet up with anyone until 2022. I know am not alone because I know this pandemic has left people to deal with and still dealing with a lot of issues and raw emotions."

Nana asked people to get vaccinated. The mother of three says she is lucky to have come out of the woods.

While interacting with her fans during the Q and A segment, She also narrated being embarrassed by her son abroad.

According to Nana, her son Udi removed her wig in public.

"Has one of your sons ever said something and embarrassed you? If so what was it?" Posed the fan.

To which Nana responded, "Have they...... I could write a book. But the winner goes to my eldest son Udi. He has snatched my wig off my head in a restaurant while on holiday in London."

Nana says she will continue working at KICC C.E.O even after the elections as the positions will not be affected by the elections.

She is a mother of three boys who she is raising alone after parting ways with their dad. The laid-back boss recently celebrated 23 year of soberness, after years of struggling with alcoholism.

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