MC Jessy with Deputy President William Ruto
MC Jessy with Deputy President William Ruto

Comedian MC Jessy has shown his dissatisfaction with UDA leadership's decision to support a different aspirant for the South Imenti constituency seat.

Initially, deputy president William Ruto announced that MC Jessy stepped down from running for MP to be part of his campaign think tank.

Well, MC Jessy's actions speak louder.

The funnyman who wants to lead the constituents of South Imenti has declared that he will be on the ballot, if not under UDA, but as an independent candidate.

A week ago, DP Ruto on Twitter said the comedian will take up a role in his presidential campaign team. 

"MC Jessy (Jasper Muthomi) will join the presidential campaign team after postponing his parliamentary bid in favour of Mwiti Kathaara for the South Imenti Seat," he wrote.

In a Facebook post, today, MC Jessy responded to the Twitter communication, he wrote, "The greatest and most powerful revolutions often start very quietly, hidden in the shadows. Remember that. South Imenti take over."

He added hash tags like #UDAcandidateSouthImenti, #MpSouthImenti2022, #SouthImentiRedefined and #NewMeruLeadership.

Incase, you did not get the message clearly, MC Jessy shared a campaign poster announcing that he will still run for MP as an independent candidate.

He wrote, "Sent like an arrow from a mighty man’s hand. We keep going….. Bado Tuko kwa race. Let’s do this South Imenti, on August 9, it is. Thank you my Boss HE The Deputy President Dr William Ruto for your counsel, My support For you remains Intact!!!! #MPSouthImentiConstituency2022."

Meanwhile, the UDA Disputes Resolution Committee will have a press conference on Monday 18th April 2022, 5.00 pm at Hustler Centre on Makindi road. 

It is not clear if the matter of MC Jessy running as an independent candidate will be addressed.

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