• Janet Museveni is Uganda's first lady

Janet Museveni
Janet Museveni
Image: Instagram

Uganda's first lady Janet Museveni has advised the youth to keep off rugged jeans as it is a way of mocking the poor.

She went on to say that growing long dirty hair is a result of poverty.

The 73-year-old advised the youth to look decent and not make African beauty look ugly, mad or hopeless.

"If you are an adolescent boy at school like the girl I just talked about, you ensure you are an astute student, you lead others to refuse to wear torn trousers because Uganda does not respect those who mock our poor people by making a fashion of what our people wear because of poverty.

You refuse long dirty hair because Ugandans are descent Africans who beautify God’s creation and not denigrate the African beauty to make Ugandans (Africans) look ugly, mad or hopeless."

Mama Janet went on to write;

“…defending your country does not always mean fighting a war. Defending your country now in your case means doing everything you do to lift up your country, to give it pride, to make others envy your country,”

But incase you want to come close to Mama Janet, then you'll have to leave your rugged clothes at home.