•He has released multiple albums

Ugandan legendary singer Jose Chameleone says he only has about eight years before he retires from music. The 42-year-old told a Ugandan based radio station that he will slow down at age 50.

"I’m 42 years old, I only have 8 years to make 50, at 50 I will be tired so I will have to slow down. I don’t want to jump on stage for my entire life."

The 'Badilisha' hitmaker says he is not into music beef as he has seen it all in his career.

"You can’t find me in musical fights anymore simply because I am contented, I’ve almost seen everything"

His retirement plans comes just months after losing the Kampala mayoral seat.

The Leone Island records CEO started his career in the early 90s while working with one of Kenya's top labels at the time Ogopa DJs.

I am contented, I’ve almost seen everything
Jose Chameleone

Before that, he was a DJ in Kampala.

The Kipepeo hitmaker released his first album in 2000, decades later, the singer is ready to retire and enjoy the fruits of his labour.