Watch: Oparanya addresses viral leaked photos


• "Those are very genuine photos. I don't know why someone would waste time trying to circulate them."


The former Kakamega Governor has addressed the viral photos circulating on social media featuring him with a woman named Mary Biketi.

In a Facebook video, Oparanya confirmed the authenticity of the photos but expressed bewilderment over why someone would choose to circulate them.

"These photos are indeed genuine. I am puzzled as to why someone would invest time in circulating them. It's regrettable that whoever took these photos leaked them to the press," he remarked.

While asserting that the photos are decent, Oparanya voiced his struggle to comprehend the public's interest in them.

Additionally, he dismissed rumors of being hospitalized, emphasizing that he is well and present to speak for himself.

"I have a family that depends on me for protection, so those spreading false information should cease. Here I am, perfectly capable of speaking, without any issues. I have been in Mombasa for a few days, engaging with members of my community," he elaborated.

The photographs in question feature Oparanya alongside a woman identified as Mary Biketi.

Watch the video below:

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