List of Kenyan celebs who have undergone gastric bypass & liposuction

Gastric bypass is a weight-loss surgery that changes how your stomach and small intestines handle your food.

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• Kenyan celebrities like Vera Sidika, Tanasha Donna, Willis Raburu, Kate Actress and Big Ted have had cosmetic surgery

• Cosmetic surgery is a very expensive affair but a number of Kenyan celebrities have embraced it.

Who feature on the list of celebs who have undergone gastric bypass and liposuction
Wema Sepetu, Rachel Mbuki, Big Ted and Tanasha Donna Who feature on the list of celebs who have undergone gastric bypass and liposuction
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 Media personality Willis Raburu has always made his struggles with weight loss known to the public – enrolling in fitness classes and changing his eating habits.

On Tuesday, Raburu was again in the headlines after revealing that he opted for the gastric bypass as a long-term solution to his weight loss struggles.

So, what is Gastric bypass and who are some of the celebrities who have walked this route in search of a long-term solution for weight loss?

Gastric bypass is a weight-loss surgery that changes how your stomach and small intestines handle your food.

It is a surgical process used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach leaving out a much larger part. The procedure can provide long-term weight loss.

The amount of weight you lose depends on your type of surgery and your change in lifestyle habits. It may be possible to lose about 70%, or even more, of your excess weight within two years).

On the other hand Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure used to remove unwanted body fat. 

The procedure involves sucking out small areas of fat that are hard to lose through exercise and a healthy diet. 

It's carried out on areas of the body where deposits of fat tend to collect, such as the buttocks, hips, thighs and tummy.

Here is a list of Kenyan celebrities who have undergone gastric bypass and liposuction

Willis Raburu

In August 2022, Willis Raburu, a Citizen TV reporter, shared why he underwent gastric bypass surgery to aid with his weight loss.

The 10 over 10 hosts said that because of a pattern of weight loss and weight gain in his body, he had to hunt for a more long-lasting solution.

“By the time I was going for the surgery, I was not doing well…I was 164kg. My pressure was high, my cholesterol was high,” he said.

According to Raburu, one needs between Sh600,000 and Sh900,000 to have the surgery done locally.

After the surgery, patients must also be willing to make permanent changes to their lifestyle.

“I used to eat 6 to 8 chapatis or up to 8 pieces of fried chicken at a go but now I don’t think I can do one and a half chapatis,” he said.

 Big Ted

In 2017, former Statehouse director of Brand Strategy and Events Big Ted shocked Kenyans at the Bomas with his massive transformation.

Thomas Kwaka (real name), attributed his massive weight loss to a gastric bypass he underwent in India.

Before the Surgery, Big Ted weighed 256Kgs - dropping down to 104Kgs following the surgery.

“I am a big boy. I'm six foot four and I was 256Kgs. I underwent a procedure which has helped me lose 5kgs in 4 days. My ideal weight is 90Kgs and I'm working towards the 90Kgs through healthy living, a healthy lifestyle, and a very well-calculated thought process of what I'm consuming. I am on the way to being a healthy guy,” he promised.

Wema Sepetu

In July 2021, it was revealed that actress Wema Sepetu underwent gastric bypass.

The news was made public after months after the Bongo Movie actress flaunted her ‘new body’ after tremendous weight loss.

The former Miss Tanzania underwent gastric bypass surgery back in 2018. She underwent the mini surgery at a time she was weighing 106Kgs, with a confession that she never saw herself weigh over 80Kgs.

Fashionable Step-Mum

In November 2018, Vlogger Catherine Kariuki popularly known as Fashionable Step-mum admitted to undergoing a mini gastric bypass to lose 36Kgs.

 “The doctor advised me to do a mini gastric bypass. So they would do this together, he would fix the hernia and also do the gastric bypass…So the two were successful and after the surgery, I stayed in India for a while...I know most of you will say it was a shortcut well to each their own, for me it was something I did to fast-track my weight loss journey,” she said on a YouTube video.

Murugi Munyi

YouTuber Murugi Munyi, also known as Yummy Mummy, revealed that she underwent a 360 liposuction treatment to get rid of persistent pockets of fat on her sides, back, and stomach.


The cosmetic surgery was done in January 2022.

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress

Award-winning actress Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress opted for a gastric balloon procedure to help her with weight loss.

The talented actress disclosed that she needed to shed weight for some acting opportunities and also live a healthy life. She mentioned that she was in and out of the gym but had not shed off the excess weight.

"There are roles I would like to play, that I feel I'm ready for, but I feel I would be more confident and sexy if I was a few kilograms lighter."

Tanasha Donna

In August 2021, news surfaced online that Tanasha Donna had opted for cosmetic surgery to help boost her figure; and the transformation is evident judging from her latest photos.

 Ms. Donna is yet to come out clean on claims of doing a butt lift. 

Previously, Tanasha had said that she doesn't like her backside and that given a chance and money she could change it, and actually, she did.

Risper Faith

In May 2022, former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith said that she is planning to undergo gastric bypass surgery as a long-term solution to her struggles with weight loss.

"When I do my mini gastric bypass, it’s over for you bit***,” she wrote.

Risper spent at least Sh450, 000 to get rid of extra fats in her body via liposuction. However, she was not content with the outcome and hence plans to undergo a mini-gastric bypass surgery which will cost her at least Sh850, 000.

Vera Sidika

A few ago, socialite Vera Sidika disclosed that she lightened her skin for Sh15 million.

She also increased the size of her breasts for Sh2 million.

Rachel Mbuki

Former Miss Kenya and Miss Universe Kenya Rachel Mbuki also confessed to undergoing a liposuction procedure to achieve her tiny wait. She also enlarged her breasts.

Huddah Monroe

In February 2021, Huddah Cosmetics CEO Alhuda Njoroge aka Huddah Monroe revealed why she got rid of her breast implants.

"Ooh, but why are you regretting your breast augmentation? Your bobbies look?" Asked a fan.

The petite socialite said, “I no longer have the implants. These are my real ones… I regret doing it coz it’s of a lot of things".

Previously, Huddah Monroe had mentioned that her first cosmetic surgery did not go down well and she had to re-do it. She used a whooping Sh1 million for the surgery.

Zari Hassan 

In June 2022, Business Woman Zari Hassan opened up about undergoing surgery to enhance her looks.

The mother of five said surgery is not a new thing and therefore people should not be shocked that she underwent the knife to get a flat tummy.

Despite making this known, Zari did not disclose the type of surgery she underwent.

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