Citizen TV's Jamila Mohamed loses her account to hackers

Jamila Mohamed loses her account to hackers

Piece by: Dennis Milimo

• Citizen TV's Jamila Mohamed's Instagram account hacked

• The news was made public by her colleague Yvonne Okwara 

's Instagram account hacked
Citizen TV's Jamila Mohamed's 's Instagram account hacked
Image: Instagram

Seasoned media personality Jamila Mohamed has been subjected to a major setback after losing her Instagram account to hackers.

In a update given by her colleague Yvonne Okwara, netizens have been warned not to engage with the said account until it’s recovered.

"#Hacked. My friend Jamila Mohammed's Instagram account has been hacked. Please ignore any messages from this account or any posts from today," Yvonne Okwara said in her message. 

The Citizen TV Swahili news anchor has joined the growing list of Kenyan celebrities who have been hacked in the recent times. 

In this day and age, Social media has become a very lucrative business especially to those with a huge following.

Celebrities are privileged to have millions of followers since people have their noses poked in their lives, wanting to know every move they make and their lifestyle.

Big numbers on social media help them get endorsements and advertising, something that generates them lots of money.

djeuphorique Pole sana let her send a message to Instagram management she will restore itMine was hacked to n I did same I got it back

dero_dero101 Na vile tulkua tumeanza ku vibe kumbe ni hacker

vee_ollucci The way you ignore our messages hommie😂😂...lets look for money guys ...this people dont give a shit😎

owner_gratmay_car_dealership Too bad. Thanks for the alert. Pole kwake.

vee_ollucci I love you still hommie😍

In April 2021, Nameless also lost his Instagram account to hackers but he luckily he got it back after a while.  

“Hey fam. Nameless Instagram account has been hacked. We are working to resolve the issue but for now please disregard any posts coming from Nameless Kenya account,” shared Wahu back then.

Other celebrities' who have ever been hacked include DJ Pierra Makena, Zari Hassan, Wema Sepetu, Stivo Simply Boy, Wahu, Jamal Gaddafi,  actress Irene Uwoya, Joe Jowie Irungu, Anerlisa Muigai, just but to mention a few. 

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