National Archives: Nairobi's most dangerous spot?

Robbery incidents in Nairobi CBD have alarmed residents

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Nairobians have been warned about being attacked by gangsters at the National Archives.

• Accounts of people being robbed are being documented online.

National Archives.
Image: The-Star

Nairobi residents are warning about the dangers posed around the National Archives in the CBD. Kenyans are sharing their accounts of being robbed by gangs in that popular spot in the city.

Some of the accounts from Kenyans who had gone through the experience are below;

@OutLook470I lost my laptop and all that was in my bag last year December 15 at gun point at exactly 7.30pm hapo stage ya magari ya Kiambu…..Siku hizi naskia uchungu kukaa town more than 30mins.Machozi tu I reported at Central and that was it

@DepressedGuy82·My friend was seated on that "sitting area" a few weeks ago. He was fought to the ground & they took his phone in broad daylight. It's not safe y'all.

@JeffreyKosgei·In 2018 I had to run in broad daylight when a group of 7 men sorrounded me outside Mr Price . Hapo ndio nilijua maana ya miguu niponye

@Allanmwenda8·There's once a time nilipita hapo and some young boys wakanifuata nyuma cause sikupea one of them money. I swear i crossed the road nikaingia Galitos bila ata kuangalia on-coming vehicles. Pia hapo tuskys commercial, karibu nipakwe mafi. The experience traumatizes me adi leo!!

@the_allister·When I made my trip to visit the archives, this is what all of my colleagues at work warned me about. Pickpocketing and thugs all around, and apparently no effort from law enforcement to combat it. So discouraging that one must brave an unsafe locale to conduct research there.

@Tashmwende·I am a victim this a month ago. Got mugged and almost fatally wounded by some guys there. It's become a no go zone for me.

@powerpugilistI witnessed an incident yesterday. Some boda guys mugged a guy and walked away like they own the streets.

@syokimondiu· Nairobi CBD is no longer safe. Tom Mboya street and the area around Archives is deadly. Mugging and snatching of phones.There are too many street kids and chokoras of all manifestation.

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