• Joyce Wa Mamaa was recently allegedly attacked using a corrosive acid.

• She nearly went blind after the attack.

Joyce Wa Mamaa was allegedly attacked using acid on her birthday.
Joyce Wa Mamaa was allegedly attacked using acid on her birthday.
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Days ago Mugithi artiste Joyce Wa Mamaa caught the attention of many after alleging she had been attacked using a corrosive substance many at the time thought was an acid.

The artist alleged that she was attacked during her birthday. The sad thing is that hers is not an isolated case, as people get attacked using corrosives daily by people they know or strangers.

In 2013 Dana Makataya was attacked using acid by his then-wife. Dana is today blind and his face is permanently scarred.

So what should one do in case acid gets poured on them? There are a few steps below;

1. Pour water on the victim to neutralize the acid.

Get a water hose, open the tap, or shower, and soak the victim with fresh, clean water. Continue to pour water on the areas with acid for 20 minutes at least. 

  • The water must be clean or you risk causing infection within the forming burns.
  • If you only have a water bottle, go ahead and use it on the wounds. However, yell out to others for more water or move the victim closer to a water source.

2. Remove the victim's clothes if they are contaminated with acid.

3. Wear gloves or wrap something around your hands before touching the victim. This is to avoid getting burnt by the acid.

4. Take off any contaminated jewelry. 

Even the smallest jewelry item could continue to damage the skin if it has acid on it. Remove any rings, necklaces, or bracelets that might have come into contact with the acid. 

These pieces will be okay to wear again after they’ve been fully rinsed off with saline or water

5. Take the victim to the nearest hospital if you cannot reach emergency services.

6. Expect a long healing process. For victims of an acid attack, the recovery process can take months or even years. 

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