• Maureen and Abraham started dating in 2014.

• Maureen and Serah are co-wives living in the same house.

with his 2 wives Maureen and Serah
Abraham Mwangi with his 2 wives Maureen and Serah
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Abraham Mwangi who rose to fame for living with his two wives in the house has revealed what he loves most about them. The IT specialist is married to Serah Wachira,35, and Maureen Njeri,33.

Sharing their experience on their YouTube channel Abraham's Empire he shared the most intimate details about their marriage. Whose food do you love most? questioned Serah, Abraham's first wife

"For breakfast, I love Maureen's. I love her presentation. For dinner, I love Serah's."

Abraham jokingly told Maureen that she needs to up her presentation game when presenting lunch. The IT guru says since he brought in a second wife, his first wife Serah has slowed down on her responsibilities.

"Before Maureen, Serah used to plan my dressing from head to toe but nowadays she says she doesn't know where things are."

Maureen says the things she doesn't like about Maureen is how she 'pretends to be busy' when their man needs something.

"Sometimes when we have had dinner and Abraham says 'Serah please warm my dinner,' she is always busy."

Serah says Abraham is impatient especially when they are going somewhere.

"It takes time to prepare ourselves and the kids but once Abraham is ready he assumes everyone should be ready."

She also called out Maureen for sleeping when she is giving her udaku. Abraham went on to ask Serah if she would ever want Maureen to leave the house?

"She is my best friend. She keeps the house lively. She even spiced up our relationship. I cannot live without her."

Maureen also says she would never want to live in a separate house. "Serah is my udaku mate, she is the best. You guys are the first people I want see."

Which of the two women does he miss most when away from home? "It depends on how I left the house (whether in good terms or not.) But I mostly call Maureen cause she picks her phone up more."

Would you agree to live in the same house with your man's second wife /side chick?

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