Akothee: Women, you can't change a man!

Akothee: Don't project your pain on kids

 • Akothee describes cheaters and drunkards as people who suck up their wives' energy to death.

• Akothee advised women to focus on improving themselves instead of changing men.

Singer Akothee
Image: Courtesy

Madam boss Akothee is not a happy woman this Wednesday after coming across an image of a woman carrying luggage with her head, suitcases in her hands, and a baby on her back.

All this while, her presumed hubby is seen leading the way enjoying his brown bottle without an iota of care towards his partner.

The self-proclaimed president of single moms was angered by the photo and likened it to modern society, saying that it represents many households.

The mother of five says it represents how many wives suffer in silence at the hands of either cheating or drunkard husbands.

Akothee wrote, "How most of it looks like off cameras and women won't talk in fear of what people will say You wonder why a lot of women are bitter in their marriages/relationships. It's because they carry the whole home & want to make it look like it's all rosy. they are struggling with two personalities, the pain of living with it and the fear of the unknown Well, never judge them, not so many can speak and stand for themselves, but trust me, this feeling is the most empty feeling ever."

Akothee described cheaters and drunkards as people who suck up their wives' energy to death. She advised women to work on themselves saying that with failure to that, many succumb to depression or lose track of their dreams and ambitions.

As a result, they end up projecting their pain and frustrations on their innocent kids. Akothee reminded women that they can never change a man.

"Woman you can never change a man! You can only work on yourself to change the situation. Work on yourself to be strong enough to carry that burden, in this situation you needed My sister. I wish you well in all your endeavors Good morning." Akothee added.

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