Betty Bayo's daughter scared by period talk

Betty Bayo holds menstruation talk with her daughter Sky

•The talk happened weeks before Sky turns 10 years

•Betty told it's important that the conversation before menses begin.

gikuyu singer betty bayo
betty bayo smiles gikuyu singer betty bayo

 Kikuyu singer Betty Bayo's cute daughter Sky is quickly gaining fame online.

The young girl always joins her mum online much to the delight of her music fans.

Sky recently landed a brand ambassadorship, and minting money at a young age.

Betty in her latest youtube video is discussing an important milestone with Sky - sanitary pads.

In the video, Betty explains why it's time 

"I discuss this with Sky. Sky will be turning ten years. I have a big surprise for her.

I don't know how she is going to take it and she is turning ten years in a few weeks. I felt like I should give her a certain gift.

I don't know if she has ever seen such a gift. I want to see how she will react"

Betty removes a pack of sanitary pads as she silently prays about her daughter's reaction.

Sky doesn't appear shocked and tells her mum she has seen that thing in Tv advertisements.

"Mum I'm not a kid. The Tv show they usually open this then they put a blue thing inside to show it can't go over "

Betty asks her why that thing is used for "ebu fikiria" Betty insists 

"Mum I don't know what it is. You need to explain "

Betty laughs joking "this one is for showering, you didn't know it's for the face but by the way let's be serious"

The sky looks as her mum explains it is a sanitary pad used by girls alone.

"When a girl reaches 9 to 10 years they start getting periods"

The awkward conversation entailed explaining what bleeding is and why 

Sky told Betty that "you are scaring me" as Betty assures that Sky needs to embrace what is about to happen.

Sky asks her mum about the pads "Do I have to swallow it?"

Betty says "No," telling her where the item is placed. The weird conversation freaks out Sky but the singer tells her "but then you have no choice, it comes with age"


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