•Shoes should uplift the countenance and posture not make it dull 

•Dampness, and aches are some of the signs that you are probably wearing the wrong shoes

have launched its new Paris Sneaker line, featuring “destroyed” shoes
Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga have launched its new Paris Sneaker line, featuring “destroyed” shoes
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A pair of shoes says so much about who you really are.

Most of the time we get shoes that are pleasing to our eyes but they end up being the worst pair of shoes purchased.

Both males and females have shoes that are uncomfortable to wear or even walk in.

A bad pair of shoes can affect your walk, your spine, mood, and blood circulation.

Here are some signs that you are in the wrong shoes

1. If they are worn out

Yes, no matter the cost or attachment to a particular shoe they somehow get to this point.

They can no longer hold you up as they used to, not even your cobbler can help you out

2. Blisters

Having the wrong shoe on will give you blisters, and calluses( the hardened skin that forms as a response to repeated pressure, friction, or irritation)

More to it are bruised toenails, especially the tiniest of them all, it's high time they (the shoe and the toenail) addressed their conflict. 

In case you are suffering from any of these injuries, it is a clear sign that your shoes are rubbing you the wrong way.

type of shoes
Slay queen type of shoes
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3. Not being able to wiggle your toes

Remember when you used to go to the shops to buy a shoe with your mum and she would say 'let me see your toes move'

The same theory applies on this other side, if the color, the shape, the feel is it but the toes can't wiggle, it's a no.

unless you want your toenails looking some kind of way and by the end of the day your feet are literally screaming for help.

4. Change of walking style

This is caused when pressure is exerted on the tendons and ankles.

Shoes are a necessity but if it causes the walking style to change, it is a red flag.

It's embarrassing! when you start bending or walking as though you need help.

5. Wetness

Wetness means that your feet cannot appropriately regulate heat.

Socks help with this process, but if your socks are damp, it’s a sign that your shoes are too tight. 

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