• First dates are tricky as you may be cool over the phone but shy in real life

• First dates usually determine how the relationship will continue

A romantic date setup
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First days usually have a lot of pressure especially if you really fancy the person and you want to keep on seeing them.

If you are just there for a hook-up, to show your squad you can bag a hottie or for free food, I do not know how to help you. It is okay, you just sit at the table snap cute photos, fake laugh through the date then afterward you all can tell each other sweet lies knowing you will not be meeting again anytime soon.

You can vibe on texts and social media but when you all meet in person it appears to be awkward, either you/ your date are keyboard warriors but shy in real life. 

Worry not though, I have a few tips that are guaranteed to help you throughout the dinner and probably bag you a second date.

1) Leave your list of questions at home 

Relax, it is not an interview.

A thousand questions might end up scaring your date, plus you might give off weirdo/ stalker vibes. Like dude why do you want to know all these details about me and it is the first time I am meeting you?

2)Do not talk about your ex's

Turn off 101! I do not want to know how your ex held her folk or had shoes like mine.

I do not want to know what she did when you all came to this same restaurant, ( also you just brought a new girl to where you used to bring your ex? Wrong move.

Your ex is an ex for a valid reason avoid talking about them at all, especially when you are getting to know someone else.

3) Be authentic 

Be yourself! Your true authentic self.

I know there is pressure to impress your date but you do not want them falling in love with a facade because then your entire relationship (if it does get there) will just be smoke and mirrors and when it all clears it will collapse.

Do not pretend to know or enjoy meals that you know you do not. Keep in mind originality is attractive.

4) Do not be too handsy

Please keep your hands to yourself and your meal

It is the first date, whether you guys go to the movies or for dinner do not be touchy as that is a huge turnoff.

If walking, you may ask if you can hold her hand do not just assume that she wants you to.

5) Stick to your budget

It is less embarrasing that going out and failing to afford stuff or having to constantly tell your date they can not have that.

Worst of all, the bill comes and it is way above what you had carried for the date and now you have to start calling friends to bail you out.

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