•Being indoors is not advisable for a first date as it increases the chances of getting intimate.

•If a man/woman calls does not call you out on a second date, it doesn't make you a bad person.

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When you plan first dates you want to ensure your date enjoys a good time with you and that it might lead to a second one.

Some of the things one should have in mind when taking someone on a date is that the place you pick out on the first day will be your first impression. 

First impressions matter, you have to pull that off.

There are nice places and activities you can do other than boring, dinner dates that are to make things fun and less awkward.

Here are some of the ideas you can add to your first dates;

  • Coffee date

On a first date, you can decide to go out of your way and do the most ambiguous date or just opt for something simple.

A coffee date is a simple way to get to know someone as you’ll enjoy something that you both like and this is a good start off.

  • Visit an escape room

This would be an interesting way to get to know someone by hitting up an escape room. 

You’ll see how your date behaves when under pressure and if they can come up with a solution.

Other than that it will be fun to enjoy each other's company and it will lessen the tension.

  • Go to an arcade

Visiting an arcade will show you your date’s personality. This will give an insight into who your date is and if you are compatible or one another.

Playing games brings out the inner child in you and this will make you two bond by playing games that you will both enjoy.

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  • Go for a stand-up comedy

Attending a comedy with your date will enable you two to have a great time while enjoying a good night together.

Therefore, a comedy experienced together will have you two laughing and having inside jokes that will bring you closer; and you’ll get to know your date's humor and if things are successful you can get drinks.

  • Visit a winery

Going on a date at a winery or a wine tasting you’ll enjoy the aesthetics and the drinking will show the fun side of your date. It's a good spot also for taking pictures that you can get to look at later, also you can carry a bottle of wine as a souvenir to remind of that day.

  • Karaoke

A fun way to know your date is going for karaoke instead of asking what her favorite song is how about you go on a karaoke date.

This will bring you closer to your date hence going on a date again.


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