• Tyler Mbaya, the ex Machachari actor narrates how he loves his new role as a dad.

• Tyler Mbaya and Georgina welcomed their son a few weeks ago.

Actor Tyler and his girlfriend are new parents
tyler mbaya baby announcement Actor Tyler and his girlfriend are new parents

Former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya is sharing how fatherhood has positively transformed his life since his arrival.

Tyler and Georgina are the newest parents in town to a baby girl and love their addition to their relationship.

Since leaving maternity hospital, Tyler and Georgina have been quiet about their experience.

But much to the delight of his fans, Tyler on Tuesday, May 17th morning updated fans telling them that he loves fatherhood.

In several videos of Georgina relaxing at home, Tyler shows us their family moments.

He captions one moment cradling his son, "What a feeling. Nothing can beat," adding the thankful emoji and heart.

Tyler also shared another video of Georgina napping with their baby in the living room, saying, "10 days and kicking  with my girls."

He added "Seeing them both sound asleep still gets me weak."

In another video at 3 am Tyler captions a close-up of their daughter's hand saying, "They took a quick nap. I'm about to wake them up it's feeding time."

The couple hasn't revealed their baby's face yet but we will be patient. Tyler and Georgina welcomed their daughter on 7th May, 

The best thing for Tyler about this birth? Their daughter arrived on his birth date. Tyler was so excited to share a birth date with his daughter, that his fans took to Ig to congratulate him too.

Tyler shared the exciting news via his Instagram page, welcoming his fans to their new life as parents.

"We would love to tell you guys that baby and her Momma are doing great and being taken care of here @komarockmodern. It’s a whole rollercoaster of how things happened. Can’t wait to take you guys through the journey," He wrote on Instagram.

Congratulations to this happy couple  as they continue their journey in parenthood.

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