•Always alert your friend's of your where about in case they need to look for you.

•Avoid accepting drinks from strangers as its easy to get drugged or raped in worst case scenarios.

WRC, rally drivers at stte house 2021 for kickoff
2021 safari rally WRC, rally drivers at stte house 2021 for kickoff

When you attend big events you want to ensure that you are safe. The Security guards at the event are there to make sure that the event is running smoothly and there are zero to no cases of insecurity.

However, you also need to take care of yourself look after your group of friends, and make sure that things are perfect.

Here we take a look at some of the ways to keep you safe and still have a good time at an event.

1. Ensure your phone is charged

At a big event like the Safari rally, there are not so many places you would charge your phone. A portable charger will keep your phone on during the day; this is to ensure that you can easily communicate with your friends and family.

2. Keep your location on

An event could last a day or more, in the case of the World Rally Championship(WRC) where you’ll attend a three-day event you’ll need to keep your location on. This is to certify you are safe and you can be easily tracked if lost.

3. Stay alert

You need to be sure where you are, always look around your surroundings.

Look out for anyone who looks suspicious or bags that are left unattended this could be a security risk; if any are found you should immediately report to the security guard.

4. Watch your alcohol intake

When attending an event you want to relax and enjoy a good time with friends or family and drink as much as you can.

However, you need to be safe by making sure your alcohol intake is minimal. Alcohol can interfere with your judgment beware of your surroundings.

Sometimes you might want to leave for a washroom, do not leave your drink unattended this is to avoid your drink from being spiked.

Spectators watch rally car in Naivasha
Image: Jack Owuor

5. Ensure to have money

You can carry cash in your bag or pouch but what if an emergency occurs and you have lost the cash. To avoid such situations have a credit card or have money in your M-Pesa for transactions, this will assist during difficulties.

6. Dress code

If an emergency occurred ensure you have on clothes that can help you move around freely, anything can happen in an event. Have on Footwear that is easy to move around with ease.

7. Keep off strangers

People attend events for different reasons some go for a good time while others go for ‘business’.

Do not get involved with people you don’t know stay with people you are familiar with. Don’t go to secluded places with strangers to avoid any harm from occurring.

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