• The essentials in the handbag should be able to sort out a 'mess' if it occurs.

• These items are a must-have for every lady as they are a life saver.

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Handbag essentials that women in 2022 should have

A handbag is an important part of a woman's wardrobe and what is carried in her bag should be capable to assist during the chaos.

Women can carry a whole household in their bags no matter the size. Having mascara or lipstick is not the only required thing to carry in your bag there are so many needed items. Here are some essentials to have in a handbag;

1. Card Holder

A cardholder is important to have to carry your Identity card and an ATM card. This will come in handy, especially for city dwellers and it's a good package bag to keep your important cards.

2. Safety pin

Sometimes a blouse that you have on could miss buttons and you are headed for a meeting, having a safety pin in your handbag can be of help.

3. A flash drive

This is important whenever you have a presentation or have important documents that you need to back up.

4. Hand sanitizer

With the pandemic still ongoing having a sanitizer is essential, this protects you from germs when going about your business during the day.

5. Breath Freshener

A sweet or a pack of gum in your bag is much needed, sometimes bad breath can prevent you from being confident. When you carry one in your bag it will be easy to gain confidence during a bad breath day.

6. Tissue

What lady walks around with no tissue in her bag? This is a very vital thing to have in your purse. For good hygiene having tissues will help you, you don't want to miss this in your bag.

7. Portable charger

Our phones tend to go off on very important days or sometimes we forget to charge overnight. Carrying a charger in your bag will be needed to save you on bad days.

8. A snack

We get hungry at the weirdest times could be early in the morning when you just had your breakfast; having a snack can keep you full till the next eating period.

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