• Vera Sidika has spent sh300,000 for baby Asia's crib.

• She has also spent a pretty penny on Champagne in Nigeria.

holding Asia
Vera Sidika and her bae Brown Mauzo holding Asia
Image: Instagram

When we think about Vera Sidika we see the fabulous life she lives or has lived before her baby arrived.

Whether it was owning an expensive item, or buying drinks, Vera made us have FOMO. Let us go down memory lane and remember all the expensive things that the socialite has flaunted for Kenyans.

1. Vera has spent sh300,000 to buy her daughter's baby crib. Her bassinet was shipped in from the UK, where her clothes were also bought from.

The unveiling of the baby bed left many of us speechless.

"Can't wait to unveil Asia's nursery. At 6 months so magical. Damn. Girl be sleeping on a bed worth Ksh. 300,000 from UK," Vera wrote on Instagram. 

"How I wish I had this life as a newborn. Kweli it's true, we work hard to give our kids what we never had. Aki God bless all mothers doing the best for their babies," 

She also pays her nanny over 40k to look after Asia.

Vera's reason for this is, " I am extremely choosy when it comes to looking for a nanny. I don't go for a person who is on social media at all. I prefer 40 years old. They are the best, not this 20 year old. When it comes to payment I pay her over 40k."

2. She has owned several homes, and sold some

Her first home was in Nairobi's Kitisuru area. It is alleged she bought it for sh50million. She sold the three-storey home before relocating to Mombasa. She has a new home now in Nairobi where she is raising baby Asia.

Vera has never told us where her new home is, all we have been treated to is the lavish interior and exterior.

3. Vera Sidikia owns a Range Rover. The white vehicle features heavily on her Instagram stories as well as her husband Brown Mauzo's IG. 

4. Vera has also admitted to buying a weave worth sh450k.

She claims that her weaves are not Brazilian, Indian or Peruvian which is why they are pricey.

5. Vera at one point in her travelling heydays said in an interview that she could spend close to  sh560k or 2 million Naira to buy champagne at a VIP club in Nigeria.

If you recall, Vera hangs out a lot in the West African country.

“When you go out treat yourself to the maximum because you only live once. If you are going to spend 60,000 or 100,000 per night, go ahead. You may not be around tomorrow. I am single, young and don’t have a family to take care of so I spoil myself once in a while,” she told Drum Magazine during an interview.

6. Her beauty parlour

Vera relocated her Westlands salon and spa to Nyali, Mombasa. The business is located at a posh maisonette on 3rd Avenue, Nyali, behind City Mall.

“Saturday is a big day for me. I will officially be announcing my return to Coast, where my family lives, as I declare my business interest there. Besides, the business potential in Mombasa is big and if the research I have is anything to go by, then this will turn out quite big,” said Vera.

7. Handbags

Vera loves her bags.

On Sunday, May 29th while in a local club, she revealed that she owned a Chanel bag that cost sh600k to buy. For her, it's not a big deal because it's worth every cent she spent. 

This is not the only bag that has attracted attention. In 2021, she flaunted a Loius Vuitton bag that cost 520k. Vera was responding to fans alleging she buys fake designer items.

This was in March 2021, after a trip to the UK where she claimed to have purchased a designer bag for Sh 520,000. 

A fan wanted to know the plug for the Louis Vuitton handbag and produced the receipt to naysayers.

"I bought it from Louis Vuitton stores in Beverly hills. Lakini by the way, someone sees me with LV bag and still asks me where I got it from. Girl, the LV stores of course where else do you think I got it from."

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