• Harmonize has also put up a billboard and bought Kajala a necklace worth 250K to try and win her back.

Harmonize buys his ex Frida Kajala a brand new Range Rover
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian artiste Harmonize is proving to be needy after buying his ex Kajala a new ranger rover with the hope she will take him back.

Sharing a video of the car on his socials, Harmonize says he chose that model because it is Kajala's dream car.

He however adds that the car isn't a 'bribe ' but something to prove how remorseful he is.

"Even if it was Kajala 1 to 10 it cannot rub off the hurt I caused you and your family. It can not change anything we went through and it cannot be a reason enough for you to get back to me.

This only goes to show how remorseful I am, all I am asking is for forgiveness from you."


He said, "Frida you are a God-fearing woman, You know that no one is perfect. You will not be coming to start a relationship because you know me better. Come back.

Do not forget I am the child of a poor parent just like you. I have family members who are poor uncles, aunts, and brothers who would bury me when I die.

But I have chosen you, with this small token I just want you to know that I love you."

Harmonize went on to plead with Kajala to forgive him

"I repeat please forgive me and give me one last chance, I love you please take me back. I remember there is a day you told me that this is your dream car please take it from me. I love you."

This comes just days after the artist put up a billboard asking Kajala to forgive him.

He had also bought her a necklace worth 250K. But she still refused to forgive him.

Harmonize and Kajala had dated in 2021 before the two broke up and he ended up dating a mzungu woman identified as Briana.

Kajala's relationship was greatly criticized with many stating that the lady was way too old for Harmonize.


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