• Harmonize bought a golden chain worth KSh 250k for his ex Kajala.

Harmonize and Kajala
Image: Courtesy

Bongo star Harmonize has bought an expensive chain for his ex-lover Frida Kajala.

Harmonize bought a golden chain worth KSh 250k for his ex Kajala.

The Kwangwaru hitmaker posted receipts of the chains proving that he had splashed KSh 250,000 (TSh 5 million) on the gift for Kajala.

The singer has lately been posting apologetic messages, begging the actress to take him back one year after their split.

He added that he had no regret spending that money on the chains since he loves Kajala.

"It's so sweet spending your money on the person you love. Who will deliver them? Tell her to take me back," he wrote.

He added that the reason he bought the chain is that Kajala loves God and gold.

"Can someone please tell her to unblock me on Instagram."

Harmonize gift for Kajala
Harmonize gift for Kajala
Image: courtesy

The two broke up after Harmonize was called out by Rayvanny for sending nude photos to Kajala's daughter.

Earlier on, he said he was unable to sleep until he wins her heart back.

"I can't sleep because I'm thinking about you. I have been starving because I long lost my appetite. I love you and I am sorry. Please, take me back," he wrote.

"I wish to see to apologise. That will mean a lot to me. I wonder one day my kid will ask me what I did when I realised I was wrong.

I won't be happy to answer him I was a celebrity and I feared losing my reputation by owning up to my mistake and apologising. I am apologising to my love Winnie Kajala and all women who found my actions wrong. Forgive me. Stop making this bad boy so sad."

Despite all this, Kajala has turned him down.

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