• Harmonize says that people should accept defeat and stop saying that he bought views.

• On his new video, he garnered over 1.3 Million views on You Tube 24 seconds

aka Konde Boy
Harmonize aka Konde Boy
Image: Instagram

Tanzanian bongo star Harmonize responded sneeringly to fans who claimed that the views on his song on YouTube that was released yesterday are bought. 

Harmonize said that people should learn to recognize others' hard work.

In his comment, he also talked about how people do not appreciate talent and bragged about his efforts making him get all those views in just a few seconds.

" Lol dem never value hardworking dem never appreciate your talent, jitahidi Kisa tuu umetokea mtaani fikra zime zeheka wamekalili alitakiwa afanye fulanii wewe hufananii kisa umetokea mtaanii, skiza wanangu huko mtaani, tell them this is our time.

(People never value hard work, they never appreciate your talent, you make efforts then after being recognized people say you are faking it. What you were required to do you did not do then letter start talking. listen to me, tell those at home that this is our time.)" Part of Konde Boy's response reads.


"Acha watoto wakimasikini tutambee. Tulinyanyasika kwa muda sanaa kwa hiyo unataka kuniambia Konde Boy ndo ana hela kuliko wasanii wote duniani??Kocha mbona leo mkalii, Another anthem Tomorrow your favourite artist ft bad boy Bakhresa 

(Let us, the poor kids' trend, We struggled for a long time, so do you want to tell me that Konde Boy is the richest among every other artist?? Why do you get to be so harsh? There will be another anthem tomorrow from your favorite artist ft Bad Boy Bakhresa.)" Harmonize added

He broke the BTS's record and what surprised fans were that the song allegedly managed to garner 1.3 million views in just 24 seconds.

Tanzanian journalist and Radio presenter Mwijaku also took it online to address the same issues. He says that Harmonize is a known and a great artist and whatever video he posts online will give millions-plus views.

On Twitter, Harmonize's supporter asked netizens to buy views if they think it is an easy thing to do.

"Kama kuweka robot ni rahisi na nyinyi wekeni. Huyu ni msanii mkubwa ata akisema ajikune kwapa lake na aweke YouTube  atapata viewers zaidi ya millions kwa dakika.

(If setting the robot is easy then you should do it too, Harmonize is a great artist and if he happens to post a video of him on YouTube scratching his armpits he will still get a million views in a minute."


Mwijaku is a known famous hater of Diamond Platnumz, and on Twitter, he posted about Harmonize getting more views than Diamond and said if harmonize buys viewers then Diamond also buys viewers.

He went ahead and asked netizens to accept defeat.

"Haya mnao sema #Harmonize kaweka roboti YouTube . Njooni na huku spotify nako kuna roboti ? Kubalini kushindwa jamani. (To those who say that Harmonize is setting Robot, you should get to Spotify, there is a setting of robot here, just accept defeat)" he Tweeted.