• It is all about knowing what you want and going for it.

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Class is not an act,It's a deep seated way of life for those who posses it as it comes from within a person.

The actions of people who have class often speak louder than their words as class always shows even without being announced just by the way you carry yourself and even.

Here are some of the traits classy men posses that makes them admirable.

Calm, Courteous and in Control (Triple Cs)

A man with class will always be cool, calm, and collected.

They keep a cool head when everybody else is panicking, they remain courteous, even in the face of disrespect, and usually are in total control of the environment and every situation that comes their way.

Perception becomes reality over time.


Lots of people do not like to take responsibility when things go in the wrong direction as they like pointing fingers and giving lame excuses for their mess.

If you are a man of class, you own up to your mistakes, rectify them and make sure you learn from them.

If you remain accountable to the people around you, then trust is easily built which comes with lots of benefits.

Self-confidence without being arrogant

Self-confidence and self-belief is really powerful and infectious force. It is all about knowing what you want and going for it.

Self-confidence can be exuded by how you approach a subject, in small talks at an event, or simply speaking out your mind without being shy.

Having the mentality that nobody can make you feel inferior  shows that you are a man of class.

Self respect and respect for others

Having self respect is largely reflective on how you treat people around you.When you respect yourself,people notice and begin to accord you the same level of respect.

Respect is earned and built overtime by staying consistent with certain positive attributes and behaviours.

If you have class you have self respect and you know exactly when to leave when the situation no longer serves your purpose.


Being a person of class means you are able to get people to trust you because you are so sincere with your thoughts and your actions.

Your word is your bond.Classy people  are trustworthy and they understand the need of maintaining confidentiality.

Trust is a very powerful thing as it portrays your character, personality and most of all, your inner self.

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