• Their aim is to please fans and the numbers for following. 

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Nowadays, men have been trapped by ladies whose only value is money and have nothing else to offer other than their looks.

On the other hand, wife material is a phrase used to describe all the desirable qualities of a lady that can make a good wife. 

Choosing a good wife and the mother to your kids goes beyond looks as inner beauty matters the most.

If you are a serious man who wants to settle, here are a number of qualities you should use to determine whether you are dating a slay queen or a wife material lady.

Goals and ambitions

A wife material lady is a go-getter ready to thrive and get to greater heights and can easily be recognized by her desire to achieve her dreams.

Unlike a slay queen who is only concerned by petty things such as what to wear, which make up style to put on.

Which luxurious hotel to spend the night in, and other irrelevant things that do not entirely benefit anyone but herself.

A slay queen will go for a man with television but a wife material will go for a man with a vision.

Cooking skills

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and cooking a  good meal is the best way of winning his affection.

Slay queens can't cook with their long nails and always have the habit of getting meals from the restaurant or ordering delivery food, unlike wife materials who have mastered the art of cooking.

A wife material lady will never complain because of cooking and they are always more than willing to make you a meal without having to ask them to. 


True beauty comes from within a person and there is nothing as beautiful as someone that goes far beyond just physical appearance.

A woman who is gentle, kind, generous, and pure at heart is like a dime in an ocean, and finding one makes you one lucky man.

Slay queens have the body and the looks but they lack humility and are often rude to other people forgetting that all is vanity, unlike a wife material who will melt away your heart by her inner beauty.

Hard work

Slay queens are often used to paying people to offer their services even the easiest chores like cleaning and tidying up their places is a bother to them.

They are often too lazy to get anything done, unlike a wife material lady who would rather work late to get everything done.

 They always do a better job than a person hired to clean the job.


How a girl handles her finances will definitely tell you if she is a keeper or not.

Slay queens are spendthrifts and squander all their money by buying unnecessary things like skimpy clothes, expensive makeup.

They do not remember to save up at all unlike a wife material who will, by all means, save some of her money, invest and sort her bills out without having to depend on any man.


Respect is always earned based on how you carry yourself, dress, and interact with other people.

Slay queens are always showing off their bodies, and even doing the unthinkable all in the name of pleasing their fans.

 Wife materials on the other hand are always at their best behavior hence earning respect from everyone around them

She also reciprocates the respect accorded to her by people who matter the most.


A wife material will support your aspirations, ideas and help you become a better version of yourself.

Slay queens on the other hand want a ready-made man who has everything she desires to live a lavish life.


Slay queens are often reckless and irresponsible in their actions. Their aim is the please fans and the numbers for following. 


The act of being honest and sincere makes a woman more attractive.

A wife material will point out your wrongdoings and correct you when you are about to make life-altering mistakes unlike slay queens who never bother about anything going on with your life other than money.

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