• Some men have no 'type' they would get excited even if you wore your grandma's peticots.

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 Men are visual creatures meaning they are attracted to what they see. Wearing outfits that best fit and accentuate your assets will always attempt and attract any man.

From a  bodycon dress to heels, here is a list of outfits that will instantly grab a man's attention.

Anything in red 

Red is a sexy colour that instantly grabs the attention of any man. It also shows confidence and self-assuredness in a lady making her look more attractive.

Whether it is a  dress, a top, lipstick, or any type of red outfit, will definitely elevate your look. 

Backless top

There are a few rules that come with wearing revealing clothes which every woman should know.

If you wear a backless top, ensure that your cleavage is covered, when you wear a short dress, ensure that your cleavage is covered and when your cleavage is out ensure you cover your legs. 


Men love women who wear heeled shoes because of the way it arches their body giving them naughty ideas and making them fantasize a lot. Heels also create a flattering wiggle to a woman's walk.

Yoga pants

Men love how seeing curves in women and leggings brings out these curves more beautifully than any other cloth.

Nothing turns on a man than the smooth, rounded curves of a woman, and no matter how the figure is, men just wanna see that bum.

Bodycon dress

A tight hugging dress that reveals your curves can easily make a man's jaw drop. Bodycon dresses do all the work of making men salivate and are left imagining what's underneath.

Lace dress

Lace dresses are sensual and tempting in a way that they cover up but still are leaving a little. They do hold a classy look leaving a little bit of imagination and making a lady more seductive.

Off the shoulder tops

There is nothing men find more attractive than a pair of bare shoulders. It shows that you are girlish and classy in some type of way. Men also love ladies who leave their necks bare as they are.

Little black dress

Black is a colour of boldness. A little black dress that fits you perfectly and brings out your beautiful features without revealing too much makes one feel and look confident.

Every lady should have one in their wardrobes as it is the ideal outfit for any occasion.

Men do you agree with this list? If not tell us what excites you.

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