• There are various factors that influence the decision to get married.

Marriage illustration
Marriage illustration
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There is a lot of debate about the right age for a man or a woman to get married. 

It is difficult to establish the right age to get married because there are various factors that influence the decision. 

These are things such as financial ability, mental stability/preparedness, personal goals, and the biggest of them all; the availability of a spouse. Because you can't marry yourself. 

After a look into research by various lifestyle and relationship experts, I found out that many of them are recommending;

27-32 years old for men

25-28 for women. 

However, the marriage age is also determined by existing laws. For example, in Kenya, one can only be married after attaining the age of 18. 

Religion is also a determinant of the right age to get married. Here, the Islam religion allows girls to get married at a younger age; about 16 years. 

It explains;

"When girls reach maturity and their sexual instincts arise, like that of women, their only remedy is marriage. If they aren't married, they are prone to moral corruption. It is because they are human beings and human beings are prone to making mistakes." 

Netizens shared their opinions on the right time to get married on Mpasho;

@ Nina - "Any age as long you are prepared psychologically, financially, and emotionally."

@ Juli - "There is no appropriate age, but when you shake up yourself and feel you are right then move forward."

@ Mungai joy - "Am 45 I feel am too young to get married."

@ Joan - "30 sounds better for me."

There is an unending debate on the right age to get married, and it's upon an individual to make a decision that becomes either a dream come true or a mistake.

@ Suzzy - "Marriage is not about age.Its about finding the right person."

@ Claire - "Right age of getting married is when your brain is mature enough to handle A-Z of marriage."

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