I recently spoke to Dr. Ofweneke and he was a most pleasant guest. The first question I asked him was why he had decided to propose to the beautiful Christine Tenderess?

He said one of the great things he saw in her was that she was submissive,

"Of course, submission is the most important which is just obedience and respect in other words. That is the language that we understand as men. Men don't see love as love, we translate respect as love. Women are the ones who want to be loved."

He also explained that after his first marriage, he was looking for a place of peace, something that Christine was for him,

"That's (submission) not the only thing. After my first marriage and all the ups and downs and shenanigans, it was at her feet that my heart found rest and peace. I am very keen on my personal space, happiness. It is something I would never trade for anything, even a billion dollars. I am very keen on what makes me happy and she makes me happy."

He proceeded to tell me that a peaceful woman was paramount in his career as that could affect how he did his job,

"The peace aspect is very important for me in my career. For the past 12 to 13 years, comedy is what I have known as my source of living. It is what I have put food on the table with for the past 12/13 years. I can't sell what I don't have. So I can't sell Kenyans happiness and laughter when I don't have that myself."

He stressed that the type of career he did was also dependant on one's mood. That was why the type of woman in a man in his sphere kept was important,

"Passion-based careers are based on one's mood every morning. If I am not at peace and my heart is troubled, trust me you will know. It was very important for me to settle down with someone who is a peaceful place for me to come to, especially after going to war when I leave the home-front."

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