• It’s not a must for a woman to know how to cook. As long as she has good morals.

•  Does not knowing how to cook make you less of a woman?

Holy Dave Muthengi
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Weeks ago, a video of Kamene Goro struggling to cook ugali alongside Jalango went viral and for all the wrong reasons.

Many could not understand how the voluptuous radio host couldn’t cook ugali yet it’s a staple food for many in Kenya.

The truth of the matter is, not everyone eats ugali.


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 Plus some people were born with silver spoons in the mouth so they do not know what cooking means?

 Does not knowing how to cook make you less of a woman?

We asked Kenyan men if they would marry a woman who does not know how to cook and surprisingly most would.

Below are some of their answers with most hinting that gone are the days when one chose a wife by looking for a woman who knows how to cook.

i_am_teabag: ''I think marrying someone to fill a specific role is where marriages go wrong from the beginning. Look for a person to compliment your flaws and vice versa. Not to teach you basic survival.''

dennis_osiako: ''She'll learn with time. Love knows nothing like doesn't know how to cook. It's a little issue.''

alethaluhya: ''I will cook, She’ll do the dishes 😊.... nikusaidiana marriage si slavery.''

cypy_martins: Why will I not?? I got her covered in the kitchen, maybe she got her skills elsewhere.

ngigij: ''These things have been passed by time, it’s not a must for a woman to know how to cook. As long as she has good morals.''

 jepngetichbiwott: ''I'll be honest I'm diverse when it comes to culture...but on this issue, a woman needs to know how to cook not for someone but even for herself...it's sexy to have a man running home just to share a meal made by you... And kudos to the men who cook too.''

mwangi_maina_254: ''Kwa nini mnakuwanga na hii discussion....I might sound lame but according to me...a man was born knowing how to do everything ...tulichanganywa na kitu inaitwa culture and beliefs that this and that is supposed to be done by this and those...

Before I say what she is supposed to do I must be good at it as the head of the family ...I must know how to cook, to wash to do things although not well as her, I must know how...this is a discussion that should be dead by now....anyone can do anything but mostly Lemmie as a man know how to do everything...'