Tileh Pacbro's wife, Martina reveals what she dislikes about her hubby


• She is not just pretty and a social butterfly she is also a dancer and the wife to Tileh Pacbro who is also a dancer and an influencer.

Tileh Pacbro and his lover

Dancer Martina has shared little-known details about his relationship with hubby Tileh Pacbro.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, the sweetheart Martina revealed something that she finds annoying when her husband does.

Zenna: What do you dislike about your husband?

She confesses that she doesn't like it when her husband leaves any door that he opened unclosed. This is one thing that many married women say they face.

Men just don't like to close cabinets, wardrobes, and even fridge and oven doors, they don't care if they find it closed.

Martina: He leaves every door he opens unclosed - from house doors to cabinets around the house.

The pretty dancer did not fail to tell us what she loves about her dear husband.

She said that she loves him because he is someone that she can rely on and he always has her back.

Zenna: What do you love about your husband?

Martina: He is someone I can rely on and he has your back and you can just relax when you are with him.

That was not the whole session of the quick fire, she had more interesting things to say during the short interaction.

Here is a sample of the rest of the quick-fire;

Zenna: What is your nickname?

Martina: Maybe Martiz

Zenna: What food can't you eat since you came to Kenya?


Martina: Anything with chili.

Zenna: Who is your hero?

Martina: My mum coz I am a mum a gonna say that she is my hero

Zenna: Who is your favorite Kenyan musician?

Martina: I really like Bensol

Zenna: What do you love about dancing?

Martina: It frees you a little bit, it's like a way to express yourself.

Zenna: What message would you give to your younger self?

Martina: Use protection, trust yourself, and be adventurous.

Zenna: What do you love about being a mother?

Martina: it's just another kind of happiness that only a mum feels, it's just unexplainable.

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