You'll have KRA on my case - Tileh Pacbro furious with online publication

The local publication had ran a story on Tileh where they classified him as a millionaire with a fleet of cars and a mansion in Spain

• Tileh is the founder of Lit Dance 98

• He'd been staying with his girlfriend Martina and their son in Spain before relocating in Kenya

Tileh Pacbro and his lover

Kenyan-born dancer and digital content creator David Otieno Itsusa popularly known as Tileh Pacbro is currently a displeased man.

This is after he came across an article from a local publication selling a fake narrative about his lifestyle.

The article dated October 22, 2022, had a profile on the dancer highlighting how rose to fame despite coming from a humble background. 

The article in question touched on Tileh being born in the slums of Mathare to becoming a millionaire with a mansion in Spain and a fleet of cars with one being estimated to be worth Sh5 million.

A pissed-off Tileh took a screenshot of the story, posted it on his Instagram page, and had quite a mouthful in regards to the publication which he termed as unscrupulous and 98% inaccurate.

"I've worked so hard to build my life from zero without any stupid scandals/clout-chasing shenanigans.

The only problem with that is some unscrupulous media houses will do anything to drag me into bs! You are going to make KRA come after me yawa," he remarked. 

He went on to add that for starters he'd never been to Mathare all his life so he didn't understand where the page got the idea from.

"How can a whole media house literally write an article that is 98% inaccurate? I have never been to Mathare since I was born," the lit dance 98 founder said in a bid to set the record straight.

He went on to add, "I'm still a poor man and I'd very much like to see the house I bought in Spain so that I can sell it and buy one here in my country.

I don't have a fleet of cars I have only bought 2 and who on earth said my old Lexus is worth Ksh 5M?

I have spent my childhood fighting to see the next day, and I intend to spend my adult life as calmly as possible. 

Bros couldn't even get my name and age right with my birthday post being among my 10 recent posts!!! Werey!"

Responding to Tileh's post, his girlfriend and baby mama Martina Glez took to her Instagram stories to repost her man's post as she mockingly wrote, "Damn Tileh where are these multimillion houses and cars you have been buying behind my back?"

Tileh jokingly added that he didn't know he was rich enough to end hunger in Kenya.

"Yaani niko na uwezo wa kumaliza njaa Kenya yote na sijui eehh? Next time mkipost property zangu mnapin location ata mimi nikazione bana."

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