TikToker Tileh pacbro defend Sammy boy's viral adult video

TikToker Pacbro stretches hand for Sammy Boy.

Piece by: Shakila Mohammed

• The veteran TikToker, exclaimed that peoples past have nothing to do with their current life.

• Pacbro boldly said that,what Sammy did was better than being a thief.To him, hustle is a hustle as long as nobody is getting hurt.

Tileh Pacbro defends Sammy Boy
Tileh Pacbro defends Sammy Boy
Image: Instagram

Sammy Boy who is popularly known for making his money through Forex traders has been a top trend for a while now.

The online sensationalist lived lavish lifestyle, something that made most young youths admire him and kept following his words until a controversial video of him surfaced online.

Sammy Boy cleared the air yesterday that he was all aware of the videos and hes the one who wanted those videos to be updated.



Famous TikToker Tile Pacbro has come out to defend Sammy Boy.


This was after a video of Sammy allegedly in bed with another man went viral.

 Pacbro felt that Sammy didn't do a bad thing and clapped back at people who were throwing shade at the businessman.

The father of one vividly described the online bullies as "Adult content" consumers who were quick to judge him and not mind their consumption.

He started;

"some of you will slander and insult Sammy Boy for trying to survive yet your mothers did the same thing to get you where you are. 

For you to come across his p**n, you had to be a p**n consumer, so same people on different sides of the screen. say what you want but at least he can be sure that his kids won't have to do what he did to survive."

Pacbro boldly confirmed that what Sammy did was better than being a thief.

To him, a hustle is a hustle as long as nobody is getting hurt.

The veteran TikToker exclaimed that people's past has nothing to do with their current life.

"He could have easily turned into a thug and shot or shank your loved ones, but he chose to hustle his way which in my opinion is fine as long as nobody gets hurt."He noted

He continued;

You cannot judge a man for trying to see the next day or even cross over to another side of life.

"Lastly, it's his past now, the only reason you would want to dwell on that is simply jealousy at this point."He finished

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