Pascal and King Kaka had turned into an amazing duo with their collabos even promising fans an album before he disappeared

Reason Pascal Tokodi stopped creating music

• Pascal was a force to reckon with when it came to his musical prowess that he and King Kaka had turned into an amazing duo.

Kenyan entertainer Pascal Tokodi
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Veteran actor, musician and celebrated comedian Pascal Tokodi has opened up on why he has been missing from the music industry for close to over two years.

Pascal was a force to reckon with when it came to his musical prowess (both jolting down melodious lyrics and singing) that he and King Kaka had turned into an amazing duo stringing out catchy collabos one after the other they had even promised us an album that's until Pascal disappeared from the scene.

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho's Hannie Petra, the father of one addressed his fans who've constantly been asking what happened noting that there was nothing major to it or a big explanation just that somewhere along the way he had lost the drive to create music.

"There is no excuse or anything really...there is no excuse for it I just lost the drive for that side. I don't know," said the Selina actor.

He quickly went on to add that he still has hopes of trying to find his way back to the music industry however he was unsure if it is a path he still wanted to pursue despite all the success that he had accumulated.

"I hope I'll get it back hopefully... if I don't I'll just say it is okay though," Pascal candidly said.

On why he had lost the drive Pascal said;

"Acting took a forefront, it took more time from me, "the first time dad told Hannie. Realizing he was making excuses the 'Big Up' hit maker quickly corrected himself reinforcing that he just lost passion for the art.

"Again, there is no excuse because even back then I still used to act and sing at the same time and me being a new dad isn't a reason either because I have written songs for AJ (his daughter)," Tokodi added.

To his music fans, he told them to take solace in the fact that he hadn't completely disappeared from the screens.

"At least I'm still acting like I haven't completely disappeared. You are not missing me, but I will sing... I'll sing eventually," said the actor as he wrapped up, unsure if he was trying to convince us or himself.

For now, we just wait, with fingers crossed that Baba AJ finds his way to a studio and blesses us with a melodious tune soon.

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