'You're too talented! Don't stop!' King Kaka begs Pascal Tokodi

The artist insisted Pascal was too talented an artist to stop singing


begs Pascal Tokodi to make a musical comeback
King Kaka, begs Pascal Tokodi to make a musical comeback
Image: Instagram

King Kaka is calling upon comedian/actor Pascal Tokodi to make a comeback in the music industry.

According to him, he feels Pascal is madly talented as an artist as he is as a singer and he shouldn't have stopped making music.

The award-winning recording and performing artist who is currently in Dallas shared a video of all the songs he and Pascal have worked on together as well as a few of the songs that Pascal has worked on his own/covers he's done.

He went on to call upon the actor to make a comeback into the music scene. The rapper went on to praise Pascal's prowess in the industry as he reminded him of how talented he truly was.

In the video, he included his own rap from a while back where he goes, "Pascal after Selina lazima album yetu. Actor mnoma wakuone kama singer na pray tu...."

Captioning the video he called upon netizens to help him remind the award-winning director/actor of the beauty and brilliance he brought to music and why he should get back to it.

"Someone tag Pascal Tokodi, mwambie asiwache kuimba (someone tell him to please not stop singing) he is tooo talented!" The first part of King Kaka's post read.

Actor/comedian Pascal Tokodi
Actor/comedian Pascal Tokodi

The father of 2 went on to add that once he flew back into the country from his US trip he was hoping he could get the new dad to come over to the studio and work on a few songs with him as Pascal's musical hiatus had been too long.

"Also nikirudi we have to shoot sinema..." finished off the 'Dundaing' hitmaker.

He also revealed that he and the former Selina actor had finished working on an album and they would release it soon after a netizen reminded him a few years ago they'd promised their fans one.

"Yessir! Remember you also promised an album together back then," a netizen identified as Munene Lewi commented on King Kaka's post.

To which he replied noting they hadn't forgotten and the masterpiece was ready. "It is ready..." simply said the artist.

Guys have flocked to his comment section voicing their excitement as well as calling upon Pascal's comeback.

However, Pascal hasn't commented on King Kaka's post so we aren't yet sure if he's ready to come out of his shell yet.

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