Tokodi: I married Grace Ekirapa months after meeting her

Many thought Ekirapa and Tokodi's wedding photos were for a music video when they emerged.

• Tokodi says he had no trouble with Ekirapa's dad as he is a man with no scandals.

• He describes his wife as a blessing.

Pascal Tokodi's daughter giving Pinterest (Photos)
Pascal and Grace Pascal Tokodi's daughter giving Pinterest (Photos)
Image: Instagram

Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi says he met his wife Grace Ekirapa at a Java Joint.

At the time, he had gone to get something to eat as he waited for his passport.

Speaking during an interview on Milele FM, he shared

"I was going for some nominations and I went to pick up my passport on Lenana road.

I felt hungry so I entered Java to grab something to eat and that is when I saw Grace.

She was so beautiful, I kept wishing she would look at me."

Tokodi added

"We looked at each other and I jokingly proposed on that day. She is a good lady and has no scandals.

I had known Grace for months before we got married."

The couple's daughter recently celebrated her first birthday.

Ekirapa revealed she was fired from her TV job while on maternity leave.

During a live video on her Instagram page, Ekirapa said that she received a call from her then-bosses asking her to come for a letter.

She had previously had a conversation with her bosses and she knew she would get back to work after the leave.

She said she panicked after the call.

"We had an agreement before I went for maternity and I knew the agreement was this and that and so I was content. I knew there was this possibility and then I get a call. So I told them to scan the letter and send me," she said.

The mother of one further said that was the longest day she's ever had because she did not know what to expect.

 "Before I went for my maternity, sometime in January, I started telling my husband I don't feel the strength I used to have. I don't have the enthusiasm that I had before. I used to be very excited on Sunday mornings And I would leave the house and go to the office by 9 am," she explained.

What was hard for her is that she had been in the gospel show for six years.

She did not know how to process the news yet she was sure she would get back to work after her maternity leave.

"I was so confused literally because I was like I'm I supposed to be happy or sad? I know that there's nothing God has ever done or allowed in my life that has been for nothing, but here I am wondering how to process this because I've known this life for six good years but now here it is, I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm on maternity and in my head, I knew when I finish I'm going back to work," she said.

Ekirapa hosted Crossover show every Sunday on NTV.

She earned her spot when she replaced NTV's Cross Over 101 host, Faith Muturi Ngugi who left the show to attend to family matters.

Before joining the NTV show, Grace was a co-host to a similar show on KBC with Mr Tee called Angaza.

She described working with him as "a man full of wisdom and His hunger for God is one to envy."

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