Eric Omondi reacts to Prezzo unfollowing him

Eric Omondi says he is shocked at the rate at which he is evolving.

Piece by: MARY NG'AN'G'A

• Eric Omondi  has been venturing into different businesses to secure his financial freedom.

• He warned that most people should get ready to un-follow him

Eric Omondi says divalicious has landed a thong advertisement
Eric Omondi Eric Omondi says divalicious has landed a thong advertisement
Image: Elizabeth Musyimi

After digging deep to know what Eric Omondi thought of Prezzo, unfollowing him led us to juicy details on how Divalicious has landed a lingerie advertisement.

Celebrated Kenyan musician CMB Prezzo unfollowed controversial content creator Eric Omondi on social media after he posed as divalicious.

Speaking to Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi, Eric said that many were about to follow suit since Divalicious is just getting started.

"Naona kama watu wataniunfollow sana, juu naona kama ndio Divalicious anaanza, they ain't seen nothing yet!" he threatened.

"They ain't seen nothing yet." Divalicious echoed, just in case.

He wasn't mincing his words as he continued to unleash details on a thong company fancying to work with Divalicious.

"By the way, nimeapproachiwa na company ya thong, sikudanganyi, na nitaiva!" well, we better buckle up.

To be specific, he mentioned that two companies had shown interest, but he had chosen one.

"Mtaniona pale Mombasa, kwa beach." 

He doesn't know how he will pull through, but his confidence is one that is unmatched

"Sijui vile nitafanya but lazima niadvertise hiyo G-string," the comedian swore.

On inquiry on how much he was getting paid to advertise, he said he was content with the money as it was handsome compensation.

"Too much, too much, the money is good, and the job is exciting, nobody has ever done it before more to it the money is good," he said.

"Show me the money, tuko kwa biashara hapa," Eric stated

He summed it up as he called forth for advertisers to work with him 

"Eric Omondi can advertise anything, Leta!" he vouched.

The content creator has been receiving backlash from the online community after he pulled the Divalicious stunt.

In a previous interview, he stated that cross-dressing was no big issue as it has been there way before with the likes of the iconic Tyler Perry.

"It's as old as every big comedian with substance from Kevin Hart to Tyler Perry to Martin Lawrence, to Eddie Murphy everyone has targeted a character with" 

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