Eric Omondi's ex Chantal back on Instagram after abuse allegations

Eric Omondi's ex-lover Chantal Juliet Grazioli alias Miss Chanty is back on Instagram

• Eric Omondi shared videos of ex-Chantal Grazioli limping, bleeding and badly bruised.

• The allegations led to a social media storm 

miss chanty
miss chanty

Chantal Juliet Grazioli aka Miss chanty is back online, albeit briefly. Miss chanty on Saturday August 27 partied with friends to ring in a birthday in a local club.

Chantal has mostly stayed away from social media after her domestic abuse scandal. On Saturday evening she was noticeably happy.

Her hair was held in a bob and fringe, wearing red lipstick. Chantal planted a sweet kiss and hug from behind on her darling friend as in the background we could hear the Dj wish the pal a happy birthday.

Such a heartbreaking scandal must be weighing on the celebrity as the case remains unresolved.

Chantal at the height of the allegations was navigating the media firestorm that kicked off in |June this year.

Taking to social media, Chanty revealed that on the fateful day her boyfriend Nicola physically assaulted her, he came back home in the morning while drunk.

eric omondis ex girl miss chanty on instagram
chantal graziola eric omondis ex girl miss chanty on instagram

She refused to let him in, prompting him to break into her house. He then started assaulting her and pushed her down the stairs, leaving her with injuries.

He then fled after committing the heinous act. Her neighbors came to her rescue and rushed her to the hospital.

She further claimed her boyfriend had assaulted her on numerous occasions and was suffering in silence and faking their love on social media.

Chantal's current bae, Nicola Traldi, responded to the accusations, via Mpasho DM asking, "Me?"

He then went ahead and wrote on his instastories, "I have been framed for something I would never do. Unspeakable. It is a sad day."

Miss Chanty is now out and about again on Instagram, almost two months after the claims. She disappeared from social media after being called her out for what netizens said was clout chasing.

Miss Chantys last Instagram post was 24 weeks ago, where she has 256k followers..

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