• Awinja spoke about her mother in a deep and exclusive interview with Mpasho.

• Awinja had nothing but kind words for the woman who heroically raised her and her siblings after their father died. 

in a file photo
Jacky Vike aka Awinja in a file photo
Image: Jacky Vike

Awinja was interviewed by Mpasho's Kalondu Musyimi this weekend at The Tusker Nextersfest in Eldoret.

As it is Mother's Day weekend, we asked her some questions about her mom, the first was what she most admired about her mom?

"Her patience, her caring, that woman loves us. You know those women of old don't say they love you but you can tell that this is love.

After my dad passed, she really struggled with us and she never showed us how hard it was for her. Now that I am older, I can see it. So, I am so grateful for her that I can't even explain it."

What was the best piece of advice that her mother had given her?

"To believe in myself in whatever I do. This is something that I have carried in my carry as you know our film industry if one doesn't believe in themselves, it becomes an issue."

How would Awinja know that her mom was upset with her?

"When she used to squint her eyes, you knew it was bad. Then she used to pinch us on the inner thigh! Wueh!"

Was Awinja (who is blessed with a son called Mosi) expecting any gifts from her people as it was Mother's Day?

"If it comes, it comes. But I normally thank God for life and great health."

Mpasho also asked the former Papa Shirandula actress why she had stopped releasing music after highly publicised debut song, 'Sio Lazima' in February this year?

She answered that she hadn't given herself the title of musician and that the effort she put out was purely for her own pleasure.

"But time will tell. Maybe I was even in the studio yesterday. Maybe let me keep on surprising you guys," she added.

And how is Awinja able to age like fine wine? She said it was an attitude thing saying,

"Because I don't dwell on the past and I try to keep my life simple."

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