• Awinja says she does what makes her happy, adding that she does not have any rules on how to live.

Jacky Vike alias Awinja
Image: Instagram

Actress Awinja has revealed she is not keen on having a heading. According to the mother of one, she lives life as it comes as long as she is happy.

Speaking during an interview with Massawe Japanni, Awinja said,

"I have only dated three men in my life. I think I need to explore. I have a friend whose body count can be lined up from here to Kakamega. "

Asked if she is currently dating she said,

"I am seeing someone, I have been for a long time. We are doing everything in reverse and I am happy. We were supposed to court, do ruracio and then get a baby.

I got a baby, now we are dating. I am not so keen on a ruracio among other things, I do not mind them but it is not a MUST. My rule is If I am happy then that is what matters, I do not have any rules."

Awinja had in the past opened up on how she stayed in a relationship despite her then bae cheating on her over and over again.

On the Wicked Edition show, the mother of one revealed that she used to tell her friends that she can not condone cheating, only to do it later on. 

"I don't know about now, but before I have been cheated on and I went back. I was still young. I used to suspect him, but because I had no proof, I couldn't ask him. One time, we had gone for a shoot alongside his friends. Then his phone rang, I saw 'Mum'. He started saying he missed her, his chapos," Awinja narrated.

After the phone conversation, Awinja says friends started making fun of her boyfriend. They knew it was his Mpango wa Kando and not his mum.

"There is no enemy to your relationship than your boyfriend's ally. They know all the secrets but will flutter you."

Speaking to Massawe, Awinja said the incident crushed her esteem.

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