The man who is married to singer Vivian, spoke about modern-day relationships 

Sam West says social media is a monster hence people should be very careful what they feed it.

According to the motivational speaker, most people are struggling because they feed the monster, something they cannot sustain.

He said,

"Breakups have always been there, they are only more visible because people have chosen to put their relationships out in the public. Life has also not been easy."

Sam says marriage comes with no manual hence it becomes hard for some people to navigate.

"Some people rush. People are given marriage certificates but there is no training. It's like getting a degree certificate without studying for it. We are living in a world of show-offs. As a public figure pick what to show the audience.

Social media is a monster, the more you feed it the more it wants more. My advice is to feed the monster what you choose, don't feed it everything."

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