Watch: 'I cheated on Stivo Simple Boy with 3 Wababas' - Pritty Vishy

Pritty Vishy wants Stivo Simpleboy to know her worth

• Pritty, who started dating Stivo in 2019 added that she had 3 'Wababas' and they would spoil her more than the singer could. 

Pritty Vishy
Stivo Simpleboy's ex Pritty Vishy
Image: Saidi Abdalla

Stivo Simpleboy's ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has opened up about cheating on the singer without his knowledge. 

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, Pritty said that she has had affairs with old men before, and Stivo was never aware of it. 

Pritty, who started dating Stivo in 2019 added that she had 3 'Wababas' and they would spoil her more than the singer could. 

"I have ever cheated on him, but with a Mubaba (an old man) 3 Wababas. The Wababas used to spoil me with money, Stevo did not know it. I do not feel guilty about it, there is no room for regret," she said 

After announcing their break-up, Pritty says more older men are preying on her in social media DMs.

"There are Wababas in my DM, some of them are so old. But I reformed, I can not go back. My DM is so full."

His favourite song from Stivo Simpleboy is 'Tuheshimu Ndoa' hit. But does she think Stivo respected their relationship?

"He respected the relationship but it reached a point he became thick-headed. Stevo is someone that you can only understand after spending sometime with him."

On whether he can forgive Stivo, Pritty says;

"I want him to know my worth. He should sit down and think whether it is me or somebody else. I want it to come from your heart."

Pritty, who lives in Kibra says her community is used to her and have started expecting alot from her since she rose to fame. 

However, she changed her friends soon after her rise to fame because they started having high expectations from her. 

"My life has changed a lot, there are things i can not do now. I have to behave and chill because people are always looking at me. I have changed all my friends. They used to give me alot of pressure, especially when i went viral. I even cut off some of my family members," she shared.

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