Pritty Vishy: Calling me kienyeji hurt my feelings

I don't get why people were using that term on me - Pritty

• Pritty was nicknamed 'Kienyeji pro max' after haters tried bringing her down.

ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy
Stevo simple boy's ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy
Image: Saidi Abdallah

Content creator, Pritty Vishy has no plans to dropping her title 'Simple Girl' , which she acquired for being Stevo Simpleboy's girlfriend. 

The soft-spoken Pritty told Mpasho that keeping the name does not mean she has ties with Stevo, who is nowher ex-boyfriend.

"For now sijui kama nita maintain au nidrop but ata nikimaintain the name Simple girl but that doesn't mean coz Stevo anaitwa Simple boy. Maybe naitwa Simple girl because people call me kienyeji and when you're kienyeji you're simple."

On where her nickname 'Kienyeji pro max' came from, Pritty says that she owned it after haters tried bringing her down.

She didn't like it at first but decided if social media had decided to label her so she went on to shine with the title.

"People call me kienyeji a lot, so I decided if you all see me as kienyeji, let me become Kienyeji pro max," Vishy said.

Pritty Vishi admitted that when she first came to the limelight and people started calling her "kienyeji" it really got to her and hurt her feelings. She didn't understand why they'd do that.

"At first I felt bad... a lot, it bothered me. I used to think to myself how do these people view me? Why do they view me like this? But it got to a place I just understood people will always talk, if you're pretty they'll brand you names, if you're not pretty they'll troll you. You'll be called everything so I just took the name." She said.

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