How Anerlisa Muigai made her first million

Nothing was handed to the Keroche heiress, she worked for it!

• Anerlisa Muigai revealed that wealth and fortune were not handed down to her by her super-wealthy parents.

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai
Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai

Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai says she is a self-made millionaire.

Anerlisa is known for her luxury water brands, Executive Still Water and Life Still Water under her company Nero Limited, which she founded in 2013 after returning home to Kenya on completing her studies in the United Kingdom.

Anerlisa revealed that wealth and fortune were not handed down to her by her super-wealthy parents.

Far from it.

Actually, she could not even qualify for a job in her mother's company.

Revealing this Anerlisa told her social media fam, "I first applied for a Marketing job in Keroche breweries but due to lack of enough experience, I was denied the job 🙁 so what next? I decided to start Nero company Ltd to produce #executivestillwater , to learn more and maybe re-apply for the marketing job."

Speaking exclusively to Mpasho, Anerlisa said, "I was around my parents a lot when they were working. I learnt a lot about business from them and from those experiences."

Speaking exclusively to she said,

" I made my first million at 23 years."

Asked whether the drama surrounding Keroche Breweries which is owned by her parents was affecting her water company, Nero Water, she said,


"Nero is an independent company we do not rely on Keroche KB. The saga did not affect my business even one bit."

Her company employs 57 people.

Anerlisa's company was nominated for the European Quality Award in 2021.

The objective of the EFQM Global Award is to recognize outstanding organizations worldwide, whether private, public or not-for-profit.

 These organizations demonstrate an indisputable track record of success in turning strategy into action and the continuous improvement of their performance.

The EFQM Global Award is supported by one of the most challenging assessment processes.

To assess organizations and identify good practices, an international team of 4 to 8 experienced professionals, all trained in EFQM’s rigorous assessment process, spend one week on-site.

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