Real men know what they want - YY after Marya moved in with him after 1st date

• YY's baby mama, Marya Okoth recently shared she moved in with him right after their first date

Marya Okoth with her baby daddy YY Comedian
Image: Instagram

Budding actress and digital content creator Marya Okoth has revealed she moved in with her now baby daddy, former Churchill show comedian turned creative producer and script writer Oliver Otieno professionally known as, YY right after their first date.

To be exact, a little over 2 hours after knowing each other, a revelation that has left netizens in a frenzy as social media users argued on what they thought of the matter and if they themselves would ever consider that.

Speaking during a guest appearance she made on the Mic Cheque Podcast alongside her partner, the Nurse Toto actress walked the hosts down memory lane as she recounted their earlier years. Marya jokingly quipped on how she feels she was tricked as she also cannot fully believe she moved in with YY that quickly.

"I was tricked immediately after the date," started off the mother of one. She went on to add, "It was sort of an hour after we first met... We spent about an hour together, and then I went to his place. And, the baby came along gradually,"

YY blowing his chest maintained he was just a man who knew what he wanted. Through his socials, he further encouraged men to be vigilant of girls playing hard to get noting that it was an indication that the girl didn't fancy you.

"Real men know what they want. If you play hard to get...keep playing," YY said in between chuckles. On his Instagram page he wrote, "Don’t allow to be taken around in circles. It shows she is uninterested in you.”

The couple has been together ever since their first date and share a five-year-old daughter named Circe Gaona together.

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