YY Comedian gets emotional mid-interview, here's why


• "Bro, one of the reasons I worked so hard so that people could greet my mom with respect,"  YY sobbed

YY comedian
Image: Instagram

Former Churchill show comedian Oliver Otieno aka YY got emotional narrating his struggles growing up.

He also touched on the hurdles he faced trying to create a name for himself in the entertainment industry. 

He rose to fame after his successful stand-up comedies at the Churchill show. 

The talent is best known for his skits at various shows he has produced one of them being 'Dinga ya wife' that widely engaged his fans.

"Bro, one of the reasons I worked so hard so that people could greet my mom with respect,"  YY sobbed during an Interview with the Mic Cheque podcast.

The talent continued, "I have seen a lot, my mom has carried a lot of burdens on my behalf."

YY comedian
Image: Instagram

The comedian had earlier mentioned that even his uncle doubted his comic journey.

He alleged that the uncle contemptuously mocked him asking if the elite comedians would be brought to the show towards the end because he had not appeared yet.

He emphasized that his mother should be accorded respect amid the humiliation and struggles she faced when YY was starting his comedy journey.

Read what some of his fans commented:

__wii_leey_official Ukiona mwanaume analia ... Na yeye si willy paul ama bahati 😂... That man means it ✌️

mc_maluku Mwanaume tulisema hakuna kufungia Kitu inakusumbua😢 Speak out 🔊 Cry 😭 let what was hurting 🤕 or is Hurting you Go 💯💯 And we Save the Boy child life

medicine.pr Wacheni alie hio kitu imtoke

mras_hundsome Kiudu emotional

kelilaxxy_ke For mom I have to bana bro I respect that

wallace_sammyI totally understand him..my tears are loading coz my breakthrough around the corner …..🔥👏

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